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Ullambana or Hungry Ghosts Festival – Amitabha JangChok Puja

press release for Jangchok

press release for Jangchok

In this year the Hungry Ghost (“Ullambana”) festival falls on Tuesday 20th August and we choose to perform the Amitabha Jangchok  on  Sunday 11th August 2013 taken into consideration more people would have the free time to come and witness the celebration for accumulation of merits for oneself and for our departed loved ones as well as sentient beings.  This year the ceremony will be conducted by Lama Sangye  and Lama Lodro.

To show our filial piety by remembering our departed relatives, friends & etc giving them our sincere thoughts by participating in this tantric ritual and helping them to alleviate their sufferings and for their well beings through the transference of merits.  The  prayers  will also help to purify the deceased’s soul too.

Jangchok for the Living is to repay karmic debts accumulated since beginningless times and to remove all obstacles in the present life caused by them.

All followers are encouraged to participate in this meritorious ceremony of deliverance and repentance.  Both the living and the deceased will benefit greatly from these prayers.

The Puja starts at morning 10.00am to 12.00pm for the deceased and living in the afternoon at  2.00pm to 5.00pm.


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