Chinese New Year Programme 2013 新年祈福法會

Our Resident Lama, Lama Sangye Biography

As President of our centre I am obligated to give a brief introduction of our new Resident Lama, Lama Sangye who was with us since mid August and now a period of 4 over months is adapting well to the culture and environment here. He has completed 7 years Shedra after which he taught Buddhist Philosophy for 4 years and then entered his traditional 4 years retreat. In 2009 he was a full-fledged LAMA. After his retreat he continued to teach the Buddhist Philosophy for 2 more years to students and monks in Sri Mangal Dvip School before Rinpoche gave him the new appointment to be the Resident Lama for our Ipoh centre. Unveil the negativies within us and then you can see the qualities of Lama Sangye very devoted practitioner, hardworking and give wholeheartedly in his responsibilities. Our centre and especially people in Ipoh and areas around will benefit much from him. He has the capability to help and perform many activities such as teaching of the dharma, house blessing, Empowerment, Puja, Medicine Budhha Healing, Powa and many others. With his presence here, we want to take full advantage and a new regular activities for our centre has been drawn for members as well as the general public to come and learn theBudhhadharma under the guidance of our Lama Sangye who has the patience and skillful ways to teach. So don’t let this good opportunity goes to waste and make priority plan to come to our centre and join our activities. For details of the activities you can check with your member friends or call

Lama Sangye 010 973 3259, Mdm Lee (President) 012 435 2648 or Mr Tan (Secretary) 012 590 3525.

Please view the subsequent page for the Pre-Chinese New Year and 2013 Chinese New Year programmes for all well wishers and devotees to participate.

(Note : Lama Sangye is also available for house blessing during the CNY. Please call the abovenumbered for appointment.)

Pre-Chinese New Year Puja

3 DAYS MAHAKALA PUJA – 6 th February to 8 th February 2013 From 8pm to 10pm

Mahakala is a great Dharma Protector. This puja is performed to appreciate for his past year protection and assistant to over come obstacle of many kinds and also to invoke for greater protection, peace and happiness for the coming year. All are welcomed to come and participate.

NEW YEAR’S EVE PRAYERS – 9 th February 2013 From 10 pm to 12 am

Green Tara Puja (12am – Countdown to New Year & illuminate the Green Tara Yearly Light Offering)(Remove obstacle and invoke her blessing for the fulfillment of one’s wishes e.g wealth, health, success etc)

Dedication to all sentient beings and all sponsors’ name will be specially read out during the dedication.)

CHINESE NEW YEAR DAY – 10 th February 2013 

9.00 am – Release Lives (Prolong Life span. Enhanced wisdom and compassion)

9.30 am – Sang Puja – Smoke Offerings (For Good Luck and good fortune)

10.30 am – Longtak (Dar Cho) – (For increase life, good fortune, health and wealth)


10.30 am – Zambala Puja (For Wealth)

12.00 pm – Pot Luck Lunch

Start the New Year with the spirit of generosity offerings by participating in the abovementioned activities.

May the year of the SNAKE be a year of great fulfillment in terms of happiness, good health and prosperity

to you and all your families.

本人 身為創古藏傳禪修中心的主席, 很榮幸並且很開心的想藉此新的一年的開始、萬象更新之際與您分享本中心最新的發展狀況。創古藏傳禪修中心很幸運的能在去年的八月份 邀請到喇嘛桑傑到本中心主持法會 ,教導學員。 喇嘛桑傑在過去的 四個月中逐漸的能適應新的文化 和環境 ;並且正式成為創古藏傳禪修中心的住持喇嘛。喇嘛桑傑 在完成完整的七年的佛學院課程後;被留駐在佛學院教佛法四年 。繼之; 他進入閉關中心 開始傳統的四年的閉關, 並於 2009年完成閉關; 成為一位可以指導學生的優秀上師。在被尊貴的 創古仁波切指派到創古藏傳禪修中心成為主持之前;喇嘛桑傑亦曾被指派到斯利蒙哥學校對學生及出家眾教佛法兩年

在創古藏傳禪修中心的這四個月當中;喇嘛桑傑對佛法的虔誠心和恭敬心,以及對佛行事業的專注和責任心處處都可在他的言行舉止中流露無遺。喇嘛桑傑 是一位難得的上師,他不但擁有 尊貴的 創古仁波及玛噶举的傳承,並且精通法會儀軌: 例如药师佛儀軌,阿彌陀佛破瓦 法 等; 更能主持各種不同的法會;灑淨,加持住家宅地,對學生灌頂,教授,解說佛法教義。他具備善巧方便,熱心於幫助他人 ;對學生非常的有耐心。創古藏傳禪修中心非常幸運的能擁有像喇嘛桑傑這樣的一位合格的上師來本中心主持法會活動、弘揚法教。

因此, 請各位學員把握良機, 奔相走告親朋好友來參加 新年度的佛法活動。 創古藏傳禪修中心在喇嘛桑傑 的指導和帶領下;將來一定能造福中心的所有學員以及您的親朋好友和地方上的居民。 喇嘛桑傑 將於歲末以及新年期間帶領學員和信眾舉行一連串的祈福、開運法會。請各位踴躍參加。喇嘛桑傑在中國新年期間,亦可到您府上灑淨、加持住家宅地, 祈福開運。法會詳情與灑淨、加持住家宅地請與下列人員或是您的法友連絡:

喇嘛桑傑  010 973 3259, Mdm 李 (會長) 012 435 2648 or Mr 譚 (祕書) 012 590 3525.

以下附上2012歲末 以及2013 中國新年活動 表給您做為參考、歡迎您的參與:


二月六日 至二月八日  晚上八點至十點 

瑪哈嘎喇是藏傳佛教的大護法,又俗稱大黑天護法。歲末的護法法會是為了感謝他對我們去年一整年的眷顧、和護祐。並且祈禱他在來年能持續他對我們的慈悲心;繼續眷顧、和護祐 我們 。使我們在新的一年中能事事順心,事業能勝利成辦,沒有障礙。歡迎各界人士踴躍參加。

2013 年夜跨年祈福晚會


大年夜綠度母祈願法會晉跨年倒數點燈 晚會,在大年夜向綠度母祈請,祈求新的一年身體建康,事業順利, 心想事成,生活無憂,財源滾滾。跨年點燈照亮無明,去除黑暗 ;使我們在世的修為與出世的修行都能毫無障礙

2013 新年祈福法會


  1. am – 放生 《延壽,增長智慧和持慈悲心》
  2. am – 煙供   《祈求好運及好前途》
  3. am – 放天馬旗  (Dar Cho) – 《(祈求長壽、好運、財富及健康 》


10. am -黃財神 法會 《 財富》

  1. pm –  午餐

新年新景象,六度萬行開新運。 希望您能 慷慨解囊參贊此次由喇嘛桑傑主法的2013新年法會。希望蛇年能帶給您 快樂 、健康、事業蒸蒸日上、家庭平安 、幸福。


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